Hello, Welcome!

We are not a traditional ‘networking’ group, more of a support network for female business owners.

We have a regular calendar of events, including monthly get-togethers (just think of it as ‘nattering’ if the idea of ‘networking’ makes you uncomfortable) and quarterly Small Business Support Days.

Other activities will be added throughout the year, so keep an eye on the calendar or our Facebook group for further information. And do let us know if you have an event to add.

Our Origins

Tavistock Area Women’s Network (TAWN) was created in February 2015. Having established that there was a real lack of networking opportunities for women who run businesses around their children, founder Rhiannon Spurgeon decided to launch a lunchtime session. ‘Build it and they will come’ proved to be more than just a great movie quote! The original group have now been together for three years.

Towards the end of 2016, having had a few member profiles that mentioned the networking group published in the local Tavy Links and Moor Links magazines, attendance at group meetings almost doubled. The dynamic of the group didn’t work with larger numbers, so Rhiannon decided to launch a second monthly group, and to limit numbers in each to 8 members.

Following our first women’s conference in 2018 (‘Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women’, organised by Clair Wellsbury-Nye) we began to attract members from further afield than just our little market town. So Rhiannon decided to rename TAWN as the Totally Awesome Women’s Network. Yes, you’re awesome!

We have an active Facebook group that welcomes women from across West Devon and further afield. The group has been useful in publicising events and training opportunities, and has provided a very useful platform for matching jobs with freelancers.

Our audience is primarily women running their own businesses, but this is not a requirement for membership. Motherhood is also not a requirement for entry, but does form a fairly consistent theme in our discussions around work life balance!