Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women

9am - 4pm, 22 June 2018

We're bringing together women of all backgrounds and lifestyles for inspiration, support and friendship in business, campaigning activities, and family life.

Huge thanks to our fantastic sponsors – Vessel, Hansford Bell and The Hub

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Full Day: £35, includes lunch

Morning Only: £15 (9.15am – 12.30pm)

Afternoon Only: £10 (1.15pm – 4.00pm)


Expert coach, author and TEDx speaker
Quietly understated coach and facilitator
Head of Commercial and Domestic Finance, Hansford Bell
PA, Freelance Interfaith Minister, Ally
Motivational Coach and Mental Health Awareness Trainer
Director, Home Instead (Tavistock and Tamar Valley)
Mary Lunnen
Founder, Dare to Blossom Life Coaching
Curly Martin
author, coach, trainer of outstanding life and business coaches
Bridging Minds Practitioner, Corporate Soul Consulting
Claire Doyle
Founder, Doggy Devon
Fantastic Ms Fanny
Cabaret Producer & Performer
Katie Congdon
Co-Founder, Vessel Beer Shop
Jodine Boothby
Inventor, Gummee Glove
Tracey Wise
Founder, Safe Gigs for Women


Group Discussions

Each of these sessions will be dedicated to discussing a particular topic, and the conversation will be managed by a facilitator to ensure everyone who wants to gets their say. There’s space for about 24 people and everyone is very much encouraged to join in the discussion, but if you’d rather just listen then that’s fine too.

You Are Your Greatest Asset: From ‘self-care is not self-indulgence’ to ‘you are in control of your own destiny’, a discussion about the importance of making time for you, and overcoming issues that dent your confidence and stop you reaching your goals. Faciliator: Rhiannon Spurgeon

Employing More Empowering Language: Being more conscious of the way in which we as women communicate with others and speak about ourselves, and how we can work towards removing the words that dilute our point. Faciliator: Olivia Dunn

Imposter Syndrome: The belief that you’re an inadequate and incompetent failure, despite evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful. Why do so many women suffer from this, and how do we overcome it? Faciliator: Annette Benny

Women & Politics: This is not a discussion about parties and policies. We’re going to be considering why women do/don’t engage with politics, and why it is/isn’t a good career option for women. Faciliator: Rhiannon Spurgeon


Share Your Story

The day is about getting all you awesome women to know each other, so tell us about yourself and the women you find inspiring. Each session will have a host, to help out those who don’t have confidence or aren't sure what to say.

For those who really aren't comfortable with public speaking, another way to share your story or tell us about the women who inspire you is to write it up and stick it on the window - so we'll have 'inspiring women, inspiring windows'!


The Bedford Hotel
Plymouth Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8BB
01822 613221

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Sitting having a beer and a think one evening, I realised how many amazing women I know and how fantastic it would be to get them all together.

I ran the idea by one of those amazing women, Rhiannon Spurgeon the founder of TAWN, and she agreed. So the Tavistock Women's Conference came to be.

When I decided on our title 'Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women', I honestly did not realise it's also the WI strapline!

We're bringing together women of all backgrounds and lifestyles for inspiration, support and friendship in business, campaigning activities, and family life.

So come and join us in the handsome Devon market town of Tavistock for an uplifting, entertaining, inspiring day.

See you there!