Becky Jones

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Becky’s talk, ‘An ABC to Inner Peace’ flows from her rich and varied life, in which she has spent 40 years angsting and efforting, and the last 10 learning not to. She has nothing to promote, beyond her passion for every individual’s right to tune into and march to the beat of their own drum.

Born and brought up in the Midlands, Becky took the plunge 3 years ago to move back to the southwest, where she was a student at Exeter in the 1980s. Now she’s here, she dislikes heading North on the M5 and prefers instead to enjoy the slower, more rural life in Devon.

She’s had an eventful life – 3 marriages, 2 divorces, 6 different professions. She’s emigrated and returned, and has moved house more times than she’d care to remember. Becky lives happily with her bonkers third husband and indulges her creative bent styling his beard for competitions all over the country. She also enjoys working at the University of Exeter as PA to the (nearly as bonkers) Dean of the Medical School; and occasionally practises as a Freelance Interfaith Minister.

There are many ways to live life well; and no one has the right to tell anyone how to live theirs. But Becky has found there are some essential ingredients to her own Inner Peace, and she shares these, illustrated by snippets of her own story.

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