Emma Jones

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As a female working in the financial services profession, it can be challenging. Not just in the sense that it is an extremely male-orientated profession, it’s difficult to be deemed ‘good enough’ to help a client when you’re a 26 year-old female.

My career stared within the banking industry where I found myself being pushed towards a management role when I really wanted to concentrate on financial advice. Whenever I tried to approach my managers, I was quickly shunted and ‘put back in my box’. That’s when I started to look elsewhere and found Hansford Bell. I joined their team with their understanding of my personal ambitions and have allowed me to develop within my role. I was not qualified in mortgage advice when I started but Hansford Bell saw my potential and supported me through the process. I am of course now fully qualified in mortgage and equity release advice, heading the Finance Department.

Although, Hansford Bell are extremely supportive, it is still very clear that women are the minority within this profession. I regularly attend conferences for my personal development and often find myself as the only women in a room full of men. It can be intimidating at times but I am passionate that this stigma is extinguished and more women have the confidence to gain qualifications in finance and help clients like I am able to. It’s a great career, very rewarding and challenging – but it’s NOTHING that women can’t handle!

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